Global energy market data

All the numbers you need to stay on top of energy markets from around the world. Get access to global energy prices from more than 25 energy exchanges and 7 brokers, the fundamental data driving energy price changes and insights into environmental markets from unique data sources.

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Energy market data

Energy market prices

Energy futures prices and energy spot prices across multiple commodities.

Fundamental data

Actuals, seasonal normals and historicals for the factors driving energy prices across every European electricity market.

Hydrology data

Historical, actual and storage data for hydro power across Europe, presented in partnership with SMHI.

REMIT data

The complete collection of REMIT data, collated from multiple sources and translated into price driving signals.

Balancing market data

Prices and volumes from balancing and regulatory markets across Europe.

Weather data

7 leading weather models updated every hour, supported by expert meteorological analysis. Presented in partnership with SMHI.

PPA prices

Current PPA market prices, captured prices and forward curves.

Data feed solutions

Automatically feed our data into your models. Available via XLF, API or Python client.

Balancing Data 1

Energy data, visualised.

Use our advanced charting tools directly in Montel online to compare markets, contracts and prices.

See clean, dark and spark spreads; short run marginal cost curves; and currency/unit conversion with ease.