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A digital solution allowing energy suppliers to revolutionise their relationship with end consumers. Improve your service offering and provide your customers with the tools to understand, control and manage their energy consumption - all in one simple app.

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What's in the app?

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Track consumption

Customers can track their consumption and see estimates of their bills.  

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  • Uses data from meters, weather forecasts and supplier data
  • Advanced AI provides rolling estimates of energy bills
  • Monitor carbon footprint and levels of CO2 in the system
  • Greater transparency for customers
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Change behaviour

Bright can help your customers make better choices – for the environment and their bill. 

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  • Customisable push notifications sent through the app
  • Alerts for changes in price and carbon consumption
  • Updates on monthly and weekly consumption
  • 'Compare with your neighbour' feature
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Smart technology

Bright integrates with smart technology to automate and remotely activate appliances.

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  • Automate electric vehicle chargers and smart switches
  • Set appliances to respond to price and carbon changes
  • Remotely activate appliances and heating from the app
  • Monitor production and consumption from microgeneration (eg. solar PV, heat pumps)
  • Compatible with a wide range of third-party providers
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Better communication

Maintain a healthier, more transparent relationship with your customers via our app.

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  • Send service updates directly to your customers
  • Possibility to integrate customer service features
  • Market new services and features directly to customers
  • Transparency over billing helps reduce customer service 'peaks'

Beyond electricity

Bright can be configured as a multi-functional municipal service app.

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  • Display district heating bills, consumption and forecasts
  • Enter water meter readings
  • Send reminders for waste collection
  • Pay househould bills (water, waste disposal, broadband)
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Fully customisable

Our app, your business. Bright can be fully adapted to reflect your company.

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  • Fully adaptable UX to suit your business
  • Add or remove functionalities depending on the services you offer
  • Continuous support and development from our IT team

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Improve your relationship with your customers

A Brighter future

We're convinced that we can create a better, greener future through greater transparency. The energy transition means a change in consumption patterns as well as production, and better informed, active customers must play a part in the green energy revolution.

Designed by us, made for you

Bright is an off-the-shelf application, which means there’s no need to pay expensive development costs. It's fully adaptable - from colours and icons to functionalities - to reflect your business. Bright is our only app, and we're constantly engaged in maintaining and improving it for our clients.

Helping your customers see clearly

Bright was designed specifically based on our previous experience as energy suppliers. By introducing more transparency into the relationship between suppliers and end consumers, we want to improve the user experience for both sides.  

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About Bright

Inspired by his experience in the broadband industry, founder David Forsberg wanted to bring better customer service to the energy supply business. So when he set up Anova Energy in 2011, the company quickly developed an application designed to provide greater transparency for the consumer.

In 2019 this app would become Bright, when Anova Energy sold its customers and became a service provider to their former competitors.

By 2020, when we welcomed Bright to the Montel Group family, Bright's technology was available to over 40% of Swedish households.

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Updates and insights

Empowering consumers: the future of energy consumption

Camilla and David Forsberg, of smart energy tracking app Bright talk us through the future of energy and why being able to control your consumption from your phone will be key.

"We chose Bright because their digital platform makes it easy for our customers to act in a climate-friendly and energy-efficient manner."

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How Bright works

See our brief introduction or a full demo of the Bright app here.


Typical users

Bright is available for use by any energy supplier. We're currently expanding our business beyond Sweden and further into the Nordics and Germany.

Energy Suppliers

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