Accelerating climate action together

Climate Linkup connects global climate stakeholder groups via an interactive digital community platform, exchanging critical skills, knowledge and financial investment across geographical regions.

Our mission

Climate LinkUP connects scientists, industry professionals, policy-makers and local communities across the world. By sharing knowledge, skills and expertise from different sectors and regions, we aim to accelerate the development and implementation of innovative, science-informed climate solutions.

The Montel Group is a stakeholder in Climate LinkUP, which was launched on 1 December 2021. Through our collaboration with Climate LinkUP, we aim to make the energy sector a more proactive partner in delivering the solutions for reaching required emissions reductions and sustainability goals.

What we do

Knowledge transfer

Bringing together climate experts across sectors and regions with communities, to share knowledge, improve strategies and accelerate delivery of bold climate action.

Investment support

Connecting industry investors with climate partners seeking funding solutions to speed up and operationalise the delivery of science-informed climate solutions.

Professional development

Exchanging climate knowledge, developing skills, sharing best practices and addressing specific climate change challenges with  global experts.

Collaboration & engagement

Facilitating climate networking opportunities across sectors and regions, for knowledge sharing to underpin effective climate solution delivery.

Spotlight - The Climate LinkUP podcast series

Climate LinkUP's podcast sessions shine a light on current climate challenges impacting developing nations. Spotlight is hosted by Climate LinkUP's team of global climate ambassadors - often direct from their regions - providing valuable insight into community-scale climate challenges and communicating authentic stories.

Updates and insights

Climate LinkUP: Global live launch event preview

Ahead of Climate LinkUP’s launch event on June 8th, we caught up with Climate LinkUP’s Founder and CEO, Dr Jo Maloney to learn more about the online event and CLU’s aims for the future.