Hydrology data 1

Hydrology data

Historical, actual and forecasted hydro power storage data for European energy markets.

Data provided by Energy Quantified and offered in partnership with the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI).

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Hydrology Data

Hydroelectric power plant data

Understand the numbers behind one of Europe's most important power market price drivers with full analysis covering historical developments of hydro balances over time, the current status of hydro production and future forecasts for:

  • Hydroelectric power production

  • Hydrological balances

  • Reservoir filling levels

  • Inflow levels (run-of-river and reservoir)

  • Precipitation energy and evaporation

  • Snow and groundwater levels

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Hydrology data 3

Hydropower explained

Read expert analysis of hydro balances, inflow rates, reservoir filling levels and more on Energy Quantified's blog. Authored by Eylert Ellefsen, EQ's hydrology and climatology expert uses his 20 years worth of experience to offer fresh and exclusive insights into the fundamental factors driving changes in electricity prices across the Nordic and European energy markets.

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