Montel AI, ever-evolving forecasts for your power plant. 

Our advanced AI reduces the gap between your expected and actual production. Get started with just historical data and let our automated updates save you time and money.

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At a glance

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Power production forecasts 

Machine learning models predict generation outputs for entire power plants or individual units. Assess the accuracy with a free trial.


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  • Wind power (MWh)  
  • Run-of-river hydro power (MWh) 
  • Solar power (MWh) 
  • Reservoir inflows (M3/s) 
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Consumption prognosis

Artificial intelligence applied to demand forecasting. Use historical data you trust along with our weather inputs to create projections which continually improve over time.

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  • Save time with automated forecasts
  • Save money by reducing your imbalance costs
  • Files sent via API or Secure File Transfer Protocol
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Spot price forecasts 

Multiple daily predictions for more than 30 European price areas. Choose from day or week ahead.

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  • Model built on over 40bn data points
  • Fully automated predictions prompted by updated ECMWF weather provisions
  • Forecasts published around 12:40, 19:00, 9:00 and 11:00 CET
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Additional inputs

Tailor our models to your project using additional data to improve accuracy. Compatible with any data set.

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  • Upstream power production for hydro plants
  • Expected load factors for wind/solar/hydro
  • Any other variables affecting your forecasts
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AI Factory

Our experience may be in energy, but our AI is applicable anywhere. Incremental improvements for any forecasts.

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  • Demand side energy predictions
  • Any forecasting requiring improvement over time
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Updates and insights

5 questions with Sigfred Sørensen, Software Developer, Montel AI

As power producers seem set for greater levels of investment as part of the global green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, we take a look into one technology underpinning progress in the sector and see how Montel AI has been reducing costs for these generators.

More reasons to use Montel AI

Continually improving forecasts

Our machine learning models are seriously smart. As we input more and more data over time, the Artificial Neural Networks we use recognise more patterns, making your predictions even more accurate.

Research and development

Montel AI is at the forefront of emerging technologies. Even as your model improves your forecasts automatically, we continually refine and improve our methodologies too.

Bespoke solutions

Our models are adaptable enough to account for any variables associated with your business. Whatever data you can provide, our machine learning is flexible enough to manage it.

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Typical users

Businesses looking to improve profitability through automated forecasting and reporting, as well as those interested in spot price forecasts combining fundamental data and machine-learning methodologies.

Renewable generation operators | Energy traders | Energy analysts | Portfolio managers  | Production managers | Asset managers | Asset optimizers  

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About Montel AI

Montel AI was founded in order to make the most out of the vast amounts of data accessible via the Montel Group. Equipped with having the knowledge and drive of existing Montel Online employees, the business spun-off in 2016 to focus solely on creating Artificial Intelligence models.

We want to show that automated learning processes can help businesses with all kinds of challenges continually improve their operations, make efficiency savings and optimise their use of data.

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