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Montel Online is the only information service focused entirely on European energy markets, combining independent and accurate reporting with real-time market data. All accessible from your web browser or mobile device.

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The only news service focused entirely on energy markets, in Europe and beyond.

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  • Market-moving news, data-driven market insights, analysis of political and regulatory developments
  • Live newswire with advanced search functionalities
  • 40 dedicated energy journalists in 10 European newsrooms
  • Weekly summaries covering German and Spanish power markets; the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS); Guarantees of Origin
  • Daily updates on market developments and trends
  • Reporting in multiple languages
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Exchange and broker data

Historical, end-of-day and real-time prices from all major European intraday, day-ahead and futures markets.

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  • Power: all European spot and futures markets
  • Coal: API2-API8, Coal stocks
  • Oil: WTI, Brent, fuel oil, heating oil, gasoline
  • Freight: Baltic dry indices
  • LNG: European overview, JKM, HH
  • Futures exchanges: Nasdaq, EEX, ICE, ICE Endex, Mibgas, TGE, Ceegex, Hudex, Baltic Exchange, NYMEX, LME
  • Brokers: ICAP, GFI, TFS, Spectron, Arraco, Cleanworld, MEFF, Metanopoly, SIX
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Charting tools

Advanced charting tools available directly through your browser.

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  • Compare markets and prices
  • Currency & unit conversion
  • Visualise spreads
  • Studies & indicators
  • Chart BID/ASK/LAST
  • Continuous front and historical charts
  • Short Run Marginal Cost (SRMC) curves
  • Clean, dark and spark spreads
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Market fundamentals

Easy-to read visualisations of a selection of key fundamentals from Europe and beyond.

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  • French nuclear production
  • German fundamentals
  • European hydro reserves
  • European gas storage & pipeline flows (undersea and land)
  • European LNG storage & terminal flows
  • Global coal imports & exports
  • Oil fundamentals: global consumption & production overview
  • OPEC data: production, stocks, prices & margins
  • US data: production, rig count & stocks
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Customisable screen

Create your own Montel Online screens, and see only the information you need to see.

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  • Customisable homepage and commodity screens 
  • Create your own personal news archive
  • Create your own news filters using keywords and commodity types
  • Customisable charts
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Data integration

Access all our data using an API or Excel feed. Simplify your data collection process.

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  • API
  • Excel feed


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Price Forward Curves from price [it]

Get the most from your assets with PFCs for power, gas, carbon and coal, available via Montel Online.

Find out more about price [it] here

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About us

The only market intelligence service devoted entirely to energy

Since 1997, Montel Online has been providing news and data to the European energy market. We've helped bring transparency to this growing sector for over 20 years.

We started out as a single news desk based in Oslo, now we count more than 40 journalists across 10 European newsrooms from Berlin to Madrid. Over the years our coverage has shifted - we now have a dedicated Green Desk - but our focus remains the same: energy.

We report the news in English and complement our coverage with local stories and newsletters in multiple languages. Our subscribers can also access online charting tools and graphs to visualise our wide range of data. On top of that we bring them data-driven insights and analysis, and help break down how policy and regulation will affect their business.

All of this is why over 5000 subscribers across 35 countries still trust us as their source on energy in Europe and beyond.

More reasons to try Montel Online

Data without the difficulties

Easily access a huge range of cross-commodity data from wherever you are, from power prices to fundamentals and EUAs. Our charting solutions and interactive maps are available through your web browser, meaning you can quickly separate the signal from the noise.

Simple, easy access

There’s no need to download anything to access Montel Online. With just your login, you can instantly access live news and data from your computer or any mobile device. You can fully customise the display and create charts directly from your web browser.

Beyond the newswire

Our focus on energy means that our coverage goes further. Focused reporting on the energy transition from our green desk; regular market analysis supported by data from across the Montel Group; insights into policy and regulation from our Montel Weekly podcast.

issues of the Energy Transition newsletter

Energy Transition Weekly newsletter

Cut through the greenwash with Montel Online's Energy Transition Weekly newsletter. Our dedicated green desk summarises the most important market, policy and technological developments, keeping you ahead of the curve as the energy transition accelerates.

"We use Montel because it's all in one place - prices & news covering everything that moves the energy markets"
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Typical users

Montel Online is the leading information service for energy professionals all along the value chain. We help our subscribers find their own path through the markets. 

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