The future is uncertain.
We help you price it.

Applying knowledge from financial mathematics, we help you
hedge risk and maximise your profitability in energy markets.

Our services

Software solutions

  • Manage energy market risk

  • Customisable solutions

  • Multiple commodities

Asset optimisation

  • Raise project margins

  • Investment calculations

  • Software & data provision

price[it] explained

Understand our product portfolio with simple explanations of what we do.

  • Price forward curves

    Futures prices extrapolated into quarterly, hourly, daily and monthly delivery series. 

  • Price simulations

    Run thousands of scenarios to price your flexibility and achieve maximum value.

  • Asset optimisation

    Custom financial services to optimise your physical or financial asset operations. 

Why use price[it]?

Our maths, your margins

Our wide range of products and services help you to manage your risk and maximise your profitability in energy markets. With 15 years of experience in bringing financial mathematics to the energy sector, we're market leaders in our field.

Your assets, our solutions

Use a custom price simulation to map complex volatility for your CHP, or let us develop tools to hedge risk for your virtual power plant. We make bespoke solutions specifically designed for your business.

Working together for optimal outcomes

It's not 'customer support', it's the core of our business. Our hands-on, collaborative approach means that you are always our focus - whether we're designing specific solutions or ensuring the continuous quality of our products. 

Our customers

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About price[it]

For over 15 years, price[it] has helped clients manage their risk and increase profitability. By making financial mathematical models available to the energy market, we've helped customers optimise trading strategies, adjust power plant schedules and make smarter investment decisions.

The price[it] story began in financial markets, assessing the price risks of Credit Default Swaps. In 2009, a chance encounter led to the company's first contract with an energy client and since then the company has focused entirely on energy. In 2017, price[it] became a member of the Montel Group, adding their expertise to our portfolio of services for energy markets.