Price forward curves

See & use spot prices hidden in rough futures prices, today.
Monthly, daily, hourly and quarter-hourly granularity.

PFCs explained

Forward curves divide gas and power futures prices for flat delivery profiles into individual days and hours, respectively. This enables users to assess values for very granular bids and asks - improving their profitability.

Power plant and storage asset operators can also use PFCs to judge the optimal time to sell their commodities.

Our products

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Quarter hourly resolution

We offer the Phelix-DE market with a quarter hourly resolution.

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Carbon & coal curves

We also develop PFCs for NDX ARA and Co2 EUAs.

Renewables expansion

Special PFCs for both German and Dutch markets reflect the estimated renewables expansion (green) or show prices based on the current level (grey).

Intraday curves

Hourly PFCs with individual delivery times and price strategies available for special markets.

Delivery methods

price[it] customer area

Log in to the price[it] platform and get the data in your own personal space.


Make things easy with data sent to as many email addresses as you like.

(s)FTP Server

Data sent to you directly via our Secure File Transfer Protocol provider.

Montel Online

If you're a Montel Online subscriber, you can also receive the data in the application, via an API or an XLF feed.

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