A New Partnership for the Green Transition: Introducing Climate LinkUP

CLU founders

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Simon White
Content Manager

January 11th, 2022

As the Montel Group proudly announce our latest partnership with Climate LinkUP, we sat down with Co-Founders, Dr. Jo Maloney and Nicholas Martin to understand more about who they are, why Climate LinkUP has been established and what the business aims to achieve in pursuit of net-zero.

It is a bitterly cold day in Oslo as Jo and Nick arrive at Montel Group HQ.  Wrapped up against the conditions, warm welcomes and much needed coffee soon help the founders of Climate LinkUP forget about the -11 degrees outside as smiles and enthusiasm for the future radiate positivity into the room.

“Ultimately, it’s a force for good - using all the modern tools available to us to connect anyone and everyone with a stake in the energy transition across the globe,” says Jo as our interview begins. And what better way could there be to describe the platform?

Climate LinkUP connects global climate stakeholder groups on a new, unique, interactive digital community platform, helping experts from key industries around the world share knowledge, collaborate and ultimately drive action to address climate change.

It all began as part of a conversation in early 2021, between British and Norwegian colleagues who met at university

Dr Jo Maloney, Co-Founder, Climate LinkUP

With more than 60 years’ worth of combined experience across the fields of environment and renewable energy, combined with a PhD in Marine Pollution and MSc in Energy Management respectively, the contact books of both Jo and Nick were full to bursting by the time the idea of Climate LinkUP popped into their heads.

“It was apparent that we shared the same view”, outlines Nick. “Climate targets across the globe can only be achieved equitably through genuine and active collaboration between scientists, industry experts, sustainable policymakers and local communities across climate sectors and countries.”

And with both the climate and nature crises so interlinked by the need to decarbonise human activities, Climate LinkUP provides the natural solution to bring together experts in those various fields, capable of affecting change. This formed a key part of Jo’s findings in the UK’s national climate evidence report in March 2021, recognising key climate action areas (key pillars # 6 and 7: Investment and Collaboration) as strategic areas of opportunity in which to accelerate climate action.

For so long, we’ve been part of the energy industry across Europe - and we’ve always known that the services we provide help businesses navigate the green transition – but until now, we’ve never had such a real part in supporting efforts to mitigate climate change.

Morten Hegna, Manager, Montel Group

That’s why the Montel Group also stood out as an obvious partner according to Nick. “Having worked in renewable energy for 30 years, pretty much everyone has heard of Montel. By partnering with them, we can access a huge range of stakeholders in the energy sector to help propel climate action forwards”.

Like all businesses across the world, Montel Group is keen to be a positive force for change as countries target net-zero emissions. By supporting this new venture and letting our industry contacts know about the aims of Climate LinkUP, we want to get the right people from the energy industry onto the platform.

And Montel Group are not the only partners of note. Top universities from around the world including the University of Oxford, British Columbia, Bournemouth and Melbourne (among others) are lending their support to the initiative, as are the BBC and world famous environmentalist, Sir David Attenborough.

All is not well with our planet. As we are increasing our pressures on Earth, we are now crossing irreversible tipping points. What we do in the next 10 years will profoundly impact the next few thousand. If we act now, we can yet put it right.

To get a full overview of everything Climate LinkUP has to offer, see the benefits of membership and to sign up to the platform, visit their website here.