E-world 2023: Meet the Montellos

Montel at E-world

Written by: 

Simon White
Head of Communications

May 5th, 2023

With two weeks to go until the biggest energy industry event of the year, we introduce you to the Montellos making the happy stand what it is and give you the inside track on their respective areas of expertise.

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Snjolfur Richard Sverisson, Montel News

Covering tomorrow’s energy markets today, our news desk provides fast, accurate and independent news coverage, helping you to understand how global events affecting European wholesale markets.

Montel News

Sebastian Westergren, Montel Online

Our data packages provide all the real-time and historical price data you need to stay on top of European energy markets. Track price changes across power, gas and many more energy markets with our online platform, of have the data fed directly to your system via our API/XLF solutions.

Market data

Minatore Zogaj, Montel Marketplace

For more than 30 years, Montel has been bringing transparency to energy markets. Now we've taken our latest step in our mission and launched Montel marketplace. Meet buyers & sellers, agree your price, trade your GOs and see existing prices without any subscription or transaction fees.

Montel Marketplace

Marc Hasenbeck, Montel Risk Management

Manage your exposure to changing energy markets with our range of risk management tools, including Price Forward Curves, Simulations and custom-made financial models. Take one of our off-the-shelf products or let us build something bespoke to meet your needs.

Risk Management

Hugo Birkelund. Energy Quantified

Our analysis platform provides you with complete datasets for the markets that matter to you. Our curated data is ready for use, instantly comparable and fully coherent across different markets, so you can save time spent standardising data from different sources and focus more on developing your existing business.


Sigfred Sorensen, Montel AI

We were using AI models before it was cool! Through our machine learning models, we are able to help predict the future generation of renewable energy sources, including solar, wind run-of-river hydro and even hydro reservoir inflows. We can also tailor these models to help you predict consumption requirements for portfolios or distribution areas. Take a look at our spot forecasts too, all generated using artificial intelligence.


Jean-Paul Harreman, EnAppSys

As I'm sure you have heard, EnAppSys is now part of the Montel Group! We provide data and forecasts for power markets across Europe, giving customers a competitive edge in the fast moving world of intraday and day-ahead spot markets. Our platform provides users with live intraday exchange market analysis on trading and order books, day-ahead and intraday auction curves, day-ahead spot forecasts and intraday imbalance price forecasts. Come and talk to us to learn more!


Magnus Zeisig, Montel Advisory Services

Built up from our long careers in the sector, we comprise of a number of market experts able to advise our clients on many issues. Ranging from market entry & geographical expansion; to technical analysis; as well as more contemporary topics such as sustainability strategies.

Montel Advisory Services

Therese Broch-Mathisen, Montel Marketing Services

More than 6,000 industry professionals attend our annual Energy Days, Green Week, Montel Masterclasses and other events, both online and in person. Talk to me about this unique opportunity to make new contacts and reach customers across the European energy sector.

Marketing Services