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The Montel Group brings together seven businesses in pursuit of one aim: being the trusted source on European energy markets. As the global energy transition accelerates, you can count on us for all the news, data, insights and forecasts you need.

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The Montel Group does more than just news and data. Come and see how we're predicting market movements in Energy Quantified; developing cutting edge technology with Montel AI; enabling climate aware consumers via Bright – and much, much more.


Energy Risk Modelling

2021-12-14 - 2021-12-15
This two-day in-depth workshop is dedicated for risk management professionals, analysts and traders wanting to gain insights into risk modelling of energy markets.

Updates and insights

How AI forecasts handled this summer's volatile prices

After a summer of volatile and high prices for the Nordic region, we take a look under the hood of Montel AI's Spot price forecasts. With the help of data scientist Tobias Foslid, we analyse where the model performed well, where it performed badly, and how it learnt from its mistakes.