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The Montel Group brings together seven businesses in pursuit of one aim: being the trusted source on European energy markets. As the global energy transition accelerates, you can count on us for all the news, data, insights and forecasts you need

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E-world 2022

As the energy industry's biggest trade fair returns this year, so does Montel!

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The Montel Group does more than just news and data. Come and see how we're predicting market movements in Energy Quantified; developing cutting edge technology with Montel AI; enabling climate aware consumers via Bright – and much, much more.


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Welcome to Montel Events

Montel hosts a wide range of energy industry events, including our traditional Energy Days, the Green Week, Montel Masterclasses and much more. We provide our guests with highly topical content and lively debates around key market drivers and developments, all in an informal setting.

2022-05-31 - 2022-06-01


This two-day in-depth workshop is dedicated for risk management professionals, analysts and traders wanting to gain insights into risk modelling of energy markets.

2022-06-21 - 2022-06-23

Join us and be a part of the 21st chapter in Montel's E-world journey! Find out who to meet at our stand and sign up to our special E-world newsletter for regular updates ahead of the event.

Montel Weekly Podcast

Macron's nuclear push

This week French president Emmanuel Macron announced a new prime minister – with other key energy portfolios still to be put in place. The latest pod discusses corrosion at several of the country’s nuclear plants, expected output over the crucial winter period and the expansion of solar power. We also examine whether Macron’s plan to build up to 14 new reactors is realistic without a restructuring of EDF.


May 9th, 2022

E-world 2022: Meet the Montellos

With six weeks to go until the biggest energy industry event of the year, we introduce you to the Montellos making the happy stand what it is and give you the inside track on their respective areas of expertise.