Montel Analytics

Montel Analytics provides unique insights from some of Europe's leading market experts. Bringing together five energy intelligence platforms, use our solutions access all the data, explanations and forecasts you need.

Spot market forecasts

Three different methods for forecasting spot prices. Take your position and make better decisions for you business.

  • Fundamental spot price forecast

  • AI spot price forecast

  • Seasonality pattern spot price forecast

Fundamental data

Historical, actual, seasonal and forecast data give you a complete overview of factors affecting supply and demand in European power markets.

  • Electricity production & consumption

  • Weather dependent fundamentals

  • Baseload fundamentals

Weather datasets

Historical, actuals, seasonal normals and forecast data show you how weather patterns are influencing the markets which matter to you.

  • Raw data

  • Visualisation maps

  • Meteorologist commentary

Interconnector flows

Data covering cross-border power flows across Europe.

  • Available transfer capacity

  • Import/export by country

  • Interconnector forecasts

  • And more

Ancillary services

Prices, volumes, tenders and unit activity across Great Britain, The Netherlands and Belgium.

  • Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR)

  • automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve (aFRR)

  • manual Frequency Restoration Reserve (mFRR)

  • And more

Balancing market data

Prices and volumes from balancing and regulatory markets across Europe.

  • Imbalance prices and volumes

  • Regulating prices and volumes

  • Live and historical reserve prices and volumes

  • And more

Hydrology Data

Historical, actual and storage data for hydro power across Europe, presented in partnership with SMHI.

  • Hydro power production data

  • Hydro balances

  • Reservoir & inflow levels

  • Precipitation, snow and groundwater levels

PPA data

Current market prices, captured prices and forward curves for Power Purchase Agreements.

  • Follow historical price movements

  • Compare different technologies

  • Analyse different durations

Data feed solutions

Our data fed directly into your models and systems, providing real-time updates.

  • XLF

  • API

  • Python

  • JSON

Renewable energy forecasts

Power production forecasting for renewable energy sources. Reduce your imbalance costs with forecasts from our AI powered modelling.

  • Solar power plant

  • Wind power plant

  • Run of river hydropower

Demand forecasts

Energy consumption forecasting for any data set you choose. Let our machine learning model improve your future forecasts.

  • Geographical areas

  • Supply portfolios

  • Market sectors

Bespoke geolocation forecasts

See where to build power plants and understand local consumption patterns with forecast data for wherever you choose.

  • Heating, cooling and chilling indices

  • Solar power production

  • Wind power production

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