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Every time I need something which is not available at the moment or I need an explanation, I just call one of the Montellos and then my problem gets solved. Everybody is freely available and always takes time to understand what matters for you and that's something I value a lot.

Stephanie Müller

Senior Portfolio Manager - BASF Renewables

Risk Management

  • Calculate portfolio worth with mark-to-market valuations

  • Value positions and load profiles

  • Create your hedge

  • Derive risk figures

  • Derive premia for taking and buying risk

  • Value delivery schedules at actual market prices

  • Simulate asset production, optimise existing projects and identify new opportunities

  • Identify the most likely spot and futures price outcomes

  • Learn the value of your flexibility

  • Calculate transfer prices

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  • Identify the most valuable markets in which to sell your power

  • Get real-time prices, volumes and forecasts for intraday, spot, futures, balancing and ancillary markets

  • Beat the market with sub-second calculations delivering power and imbalance prices before they are published

  • Build a comprehensive view with price and fundamental data across 30+ European price zones

  • See all relevant information in pre-built trading views

  • Identify trends with clear data visualisations

  • Link data to your models with API, Excel integration & Python feeds

  • Pay only for the data you need with custom solutions

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  • Follow price-driving news in real-time

  • Understand how policy changes affect market prices

  • Get insights from unique interviews with energy experts

  • Learn from dedicated, experienced energy journalists

  • Track individual commodities covered by dedicated news desks

  • Build custom newsletters and filter your feed to cover the markets which matter to you

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Market Data

  • Follow actual and historical prices from 25+ exchanges

  • Build custom views to track prices which matter to you

  • Set price alerts to follow specific contracts

  • Identify trends with intuitive interfaces

  • Compare contracts with advanced charting tools

  • Link data to your models with API and Excel integration feeds

  • Benchmark prices for Guarantees of Origin

  • Pay for the data you need with customisable solutions

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  • Get expert support to understand market changes

  • Optimise trading and production strategies

  • Develop AI & machine learning trading solutions

  • Build asset investment cases

  • Create bespoke risk management tools

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GO Trading

  • Find new trading counterparties

  • Make bids, offers and counter bids/offers

  • Set up price alerts

  • Issue request-for-quotes

  • See benchmark prices for Guarantees of Origin

  • Contribute to market transparency

  • Complete trades online with easy KYC and E-signing

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