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Power producers across Europe are already using Montel to achieve
maximum value for their power projects.

With the Don Rodrigo project, Baywa r.e. realises the first market-based utility-scale PV power plant in Europe without any subsidies. For the evaluation of the power market revenues in the future, we use the power price scenarios. In our view, these are particularly accurate and approved by our investors and banks alike.

Dr. Benedikt Ortmann,

Managing Director - Baywa r.e. Solar projects gmbh


  • Identify the optimal markets in which to sell your power

  • Optimise your production forecasting with automatically improving, AI-driven forecasts

  • Save time and reduce risk with automated notification reporting

  • Get forecasts up to 10 days ahead of time

  • Discover the best new locations to site renewable power plants

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Risk Management

  • Calculate portfolio worth with mark-to-market valuations

  • Value positions at actual market prices

  • Understand the value of flexibility under uncertainties

  • Simulate asset production for multiple technologies

  • Optimise existing project revenue streams

  • Assess new investment opportunities

  • Identify the most likely spot and futures price outcomes

  • Plan and manage future procurement strategies

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  • Follow price-driving news in real-time

  • Understand how policy changes affect market prices

  • Get insights from unique interviews with energy experts

  • Learn from dedicated, experienced energy journalists

  • Customise newsletters and dashboards to get information from the markets which matter to you

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GO Trading

  • Maximise value when selling your Guarantees of Origin

  • Find new trading counterparties

  • Make bids, offers and counter bids/offers

  • Set up price alerts

  • Issue request-for-quotes

  • Contribute to market transparency

  • Complete trades online with easy KYC and E-signing

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Market Data

  • Benchmark prices for Guarantees of Origin

  • Follow spot and futures prices from 25+ exchanges

  • Track fundamental data impacting exchange prices

  • Identify the best markets to sell your power
+ Compare contracts with easy to use charting tools

  • Pay for the data you need with customisable solutions

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  • Get expert support to understand market changes

  • Optimise trading strategies

  • Develop AI & machine learning forecasting solutions

  • Assess investment cases

  • Maximise the value of PPAs

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See how power producers are using Montel

Learn how power producers are using our products and how they deliver results.

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