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Montel's Platforms & Solutions

Montel Group offers a wide range of different solutions for energy market players. Scroll down to find out more about the platforms they are provided on and how to access the products included in your subscription.

Montel Online

Montel Online integrates energy market news and data products, providing a single platform for real-time market tracking.

Fully customizable dashboards let you create pages for specific countries, markets, news topics, or energy commodities, combining relevant newsfeeds with market data.

Advanced charting tools simplify data analysis, showing price and volume changes instantly. You can also subscribe to our data feed solutions for direct delivery into your models or systems.


EnAppSys, one of the Montel Analytics platforms, offers comprehensive real-time intraday and balancing market data, advanced analytics, and tailored solutions for utilities, traders, regulators, and investors. 

Helping clients to navigate complex regulations, EnappSys provides valuable market insights through reports, analysis, consultancy and a user-friendly platform/API solution.

Energy Quantified

Energy Quantified is the other Montel Analytics platform, providing forecasts and fundamentals for Europe's energy market professionals.

EQ's clean, curated datasets make it easy to navigate and compare energy data from all of Europe's major energy markets in one place, saving you time and money.

Montel Marketplace

Montel Marketplace is our trading platform for Guarantees of Origin. You can view GO prices, grow your trading network and complete trades all in one place, make it easy for you to use Marketplace as your GO trading hub.

With custom alerts available for bids, asks and completed trades, you can ensure that you never miss out on an update that matters to you.