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Energy and procurement specialists rely on Montel to provide
an independent view of energy market prices.

So many of your products are just what I need to track prices and other developments in energy markets. It makes it easy to send a weekly management update, get an overview of many markets in one place and also compare current prices with historical levels.

Katri Evdokimova

Energy Buyer - Winerberger AG

Market Data

  • Track actual and historical energy prices from 25+ European countries

  • Decide the best time to renegotiate energy contracts

  • Create your own energy price tracker with live data feeds

  • Spread contract risk by comparing spot vs future prices

  • Identify trends and compare contracts with charts

  • Only pay for the data you need with custom solutions

  • Benchmark the extra cost of renewable power using price data for Guarantees of Origin

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  • Follow price-driving news in real-time

  • Understand how policy changes affect market prices

  • Get insights from unique interviews with energy experts

  • Learn from dedicated, experienced energy journalists

  • Customise newsletters and dashboards to get information from the markets which matter to you

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Risk Management

  • Benchmark quotations from your energy supplier

  • See the future outlook for wholesale power prices

  • Value generation assets and optimise trading strategies

  • Simulate multiple scenarios to see potential future prices

  • Plan and manage future procurement strategies

  • Calculate transfer prices

  • Identify the most likely spot and futures prices

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  • See energy price forecasts across 32 European countries

  • Understand fundamental factors driving price changes

  • Source the energy market data you need in one place

  • Save time with instantly comparable datasets

  • Identify trends with clear visualisations
+ Investigate datasets on intuitive platform interfaces

  • Pay only for the data you need with custom solutions

  • Get PPA support and buy power direct from producers

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GO Trading

  • See benchmark prices for Guarantees of Origin

  • Find new trading counterparties

  • Make bids, offers and counter bids/offers

  • Set up price alerts

  • Issue request-for-quotes

  • Contribute to market transparency

  • Complete trades online with easy KYC and E-signing

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  • Get expert support to understand market changes

  • Optimise energy buying strategies

  • Develop sustainability and decarbonisation strategies

  • Assess investment cases for batteries and generation

  • Identify and procure Power Purchase Agreements

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