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How Montel Analytics helps users trade in new markets

May 20th, 2024

Getting the data you need to understand energy markets can often be time consuming. Trying to pull together information from different sources and standardise it before you can start modelling and analysing prevents you from getting to what matters - Trading.

Asaf Natali, Head of Trading Business Development at Jether Energy explains how Montel Analytics solves all these problems and more.

Who are you and what does your business do?

My name is Asaf Natali and I am the Head of Trading & Business Development at Jether Energy. We are involved in trading power in both the US and the UK, with the majority of our experience being in the US market. Our primary focus is on navigating the complexities of market dynamics and understanding the key players in the industry.

What challenges did Jether energy face when entering the market?

We faced numerous challenges entering a new market, including the need to answer significant questions about market dynamics and fundamentals. One of the critical tasks was to find the best partnerships and create an optimal ecosystem to start trading quickly and profitably. This involved extensive back-testing and analysis to understand market behaviours and refine trading strategies.

How does Montel Analytics offer something unique to your trading operations?

There was an occasion where we encountered unexpected reactions to our positions. Thanks to the corrected back casts, we traced these issues back so we were able to understand where our strategies diverged from expectations. This helps us to quickly learn from past mistakes and adjust future strategies to avoid similar pitfalls.

What attracted Jether Energy to Montel Analytics?

The search for the right partnership led us to connect with your industry experts, Phil and Emma. From the first conversation, we were assured that we were in capable hands. Their deep market knowledge and forward-thinking approach provided us with the confidence and tools needed to move forward effectively.

What do you value most working with us?

The short reaction times, professionalism, and friendly demeanour you guys always have is something unique. Of course, the data platform is why we signed up, but the fact you are always available to answer questions and help us understood the broader picture, allows us to improve our trading operations. This level of support has been crucial for Jether Energy’s success and their desire to maintain and grow the partnership.

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