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How Montel Analytics makes sourcing energy market data easy

July 5th, 2024

Who are you and what does your business do?

I'm Frank Boerman and I work as a data analyst at Tennet TSO in the Netherlands. As the TSO our job is to keep the grid in balance so that everything that requires power continues to work.

What challenges does Tennet face in energy markets?

We had some issues with getting good market data, especially in the intraday and forward markets. When you can't find good data, then it becomes hard to build a proper view and get a grip of them. Montel Analytics has really helped with that.

How does Montel Analytics offer something unique to your business?

I can say there are not that many competitors which provide equal products. So that was a good start.

Also I think that the user experience is intuitive on the platforms and the support from your market experts has been very good.

How has Montel Analytics impacted your work?

Montel has impacted my work by giving me more insight into both the forward and Intraday markets, alongside others.

The balancing market analysis by Jean-Paul, also really helps. The insights are valuable to me so I use them every week. Also when I have questions or need an explanation of market events, it is great to be able to contact him and get that expert understanding.

What do you value most working with us?

Jean-Paul helped us from the start, first showing us the platforms, what each of them contain and how it can help us. To be guided through the process by someone who knows the markets as well as the platform gave me a much better overall experience.

I would recommend Montel Analytics as it always gives clear insights into what is happening in the markets, fast.

There's a lot of data out there for energy markets, but pulling it together is, is quite hard, so it's great that this product is just a one-stop shop to follow power markets from both a physical and financial point of view.

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