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How Montel News helps Portfolio Managers track energy markets

May 20th, 2024

Understanding the factors driving energy prices can be complex at times, particularly when you are busy trading. Stefanie Muller, Senior Portfolio Manager at BASF Renewwables explains how Montel News keeps her on top of market movements as they happen.

Who are you and what does your business do?

My name is Stefanie Muller and I am a Senior Trader or Senior Portfolio Manager at BASF Renewables. We are responsible for both procuring and trading for BASF, one of the world's largest chemical production companies. I guess where we, or my job at least, is kind of unique, is that we are both a producer and a consumer of power, so making sure I am aware of changes in energy markets is crucial.

What challenges does BASF face in energy markets?

We face many challenges on a daily basis. BASF renewables is responsible for ensuring that the power demand and every one of our locations across Europe is met at all times - and always from 100% renewable sources. Where Montel News comes in is helping us understand the best ways for us to go about achieving that. Maybe a policy announcement in one country will mean we have to change our buying strategy, or maybe new rules will change how we can sell power. Whatever it is, Montel News is where I find out about it.

How does Montel News offer something unique to your trading operations?

So I also get a lot of information and input from the news guys in regards to regulation. The news itself offers good explanations so that I don't have to read all the official documents. It's also really good for flagging up things where I think OK, there's a topic I need to have a deeper look at.

Every time I need something which is not available at the moment or I need an explanation, I just call one of the Montellos and then my problem gets solved. Everybody is freely available and always takes time to understand what matters for you and that's something I value a lot.

What attracted BASF to Montel News?

Montel has such a good name within the energy industry. Everyone knows you from E-world but everyone also knows that to understand what is going on in markets, then you are the guys to talk to. I don't know of any other news desk which covers energy as its only topic, so there is a level of expertise you just don't find anywhere else.

What do you value most working with us?

The vibes you bring along are always so friendly, so helpful and really makes working life more fun. What I value and what I really like about Montel is that compared to other companies, you also have news not just on the commodity markets or on the prices itself, but also news more related to the energy market and also to grid and everything which goes in surrounding prices - it's a full package!

Energy markets are changing fast