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How Montel Risk Management helps users model risk

May 20th, 2024

Calculating risk figures is hard enough, but building an accurate model is even tougher.

Dr. Alexander Cox, MD at BET explains how Montel Risk Management helps his consultancy business do just that.

Who are you and what does your business do?

My name is Alexander Cox, I'm Managing Director of BET, one of the leading consultancy firms in the energy sector for Germany, Switzerland, Austria. BET offers a broad range of consultancy services along the whole value chain of a utility, starting from the grid operations, smart meter rollouts, digitalisation, finance and trading issues.

What challenges does BET face in energy markets?

Of course we consider ourselves experts in a lot of areas, but before working together with Montel, we had a quite small own modelling department of our own, trying to create models for long-term price forecasts (among other things) but our resources were limited.

So we came to Montel and asked them if they can support us in special features, like modelling and evaluation of flexibility, which you now do. This applies especially in the gas market, for example where we are looking to value storage or long-term contracts.

How does Montel offer something unique to you?

The key thing is that Montel has always been able to introduce ideas from our projects into your standard products. So where we have a different assumption in a forecasting model or valuations process for example, we can just change the parameters and come to a conclusion we feel is highly accurate. Its not just the product you get off the shelf, but also there is someone to discuss and optimise the product with you.

What attracted BET to Montel News?

The support on all levels is excellent. This is something that we really appreciate very much, as the interaction between our experts and the experts on Montel's side is fantastic. We benefit very much from the mathematical and programming competency you provide to help build accurate models, but the fact you also understand the energy business means you understand the real problem behind that. It mean we can collaborate to work out the real question behind the question - and solve it!

What do you value most working with us?

It is just that you are not only technical experts, but you also have the market knowledge to make things perfect for us. Our experience so far has been great, but already have ideas on where we can collaborate further!

Build risk models, optimise existing projects and value potential investments.