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A tale of cross-border power mechanisms gone awry

Shaping the future of European energy

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Webinar Overview

Join us for an insightful webinar exploring the complexities and challenges of cross-border power mechanisms in Europe, with a focus on the Italian experience. This event promises to shed light on critical adjustments, the participation of new countries, and the future landscape of cross-border energy collaboration.

What You'll Learn

The Italian experience: Dive deep into Italy's journey with cross-border power mechanisms, examining the successes and setbacks that have shaped its current energy landscape.

Adjustments to be made: Discover the strategic adjustments and regulatory changes necessary to streamline cross-border energy exchanges and enhance efficiency across the European grid.

New participating countries: Learn about the countries poised to join the cross-border energy network, the conditions under which they will participate, and the implications for regional energy dynamics.

Future prospects: Gain insights into what the future holds for cross-border power mechanisms. Explore potential advancements, emerging technologies, and the evolving policy framework that will drive the next phase of European energy integration.

Why Attend?

This webinar is essential for energy professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders who are invested in the future of Europe’s energy infrastructure. By understanding both the Italian experience and the broader European context, attendees will be better equipped to navigate the complexities of cross-border energy cooperation.


Jean-Paul Harreman

Director, Montel Analytics

Jean-Paul Harreman has over 20 years of experience in energy, finance & accounting, and leadership roles and has worked in energy consultancy, administration, power trading, data analytics, product development, IT, process improvements, ETRM, and project management.

Reach out to him on LinkedIn.

Alina Trabattoni

Journalist, Montel News

Alina Trabattoni is Italy correspondent for Montel news. A print and television journalist with decades of experience at top news organisations across the world, Alina is an economist by training and closely follows Italy’s power and gas markets as well as renewables in general across Europe.

Reach out to her on LinkedIn.

Salvatore Alessandro Casa

Head of Power Markets, Elemens

Salvatore Alessandro Casa is an electrical engineer who specializes in analyzing the wholesale market's regulatory framework as well as developing simulation and forecasting models for electrical systems and markets.

Reach out to him on LinkedIn.

Professor Fulvio Fontini

Coordinator, NRRP-NCEP Committee, Ministry OF Environment and Energy Security and Professor of Economics, University of Padua, Italy

Professor Fulvio Fontini works as the Coordinator, NRRP-NCEP Committee, Ministry OF Environment and Energy Security and also is a professor of Economics, University of Padua, Italy.

Reach out to him on LinkedIn.