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An Introduction to Price Forward Curves

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Welcome to our comprehensive webinar on Price Forward Curves (PFCs).

This session is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of PFCs, their significance in energy markets, and how they can be utilised for strategic decision-making. You can expect to learn what PFCs are, how they are constructed and why they can give your business an advantage in energy markets. Please refer to the program tab to view the full agenda.


Introduction to Montel Risk

  • Brief introduction to Montel Risk

  • How our innovative solutions and expert insights empower businesses to make informed decisions in a volatile market environment

What is a Price Forward Curve?

  • Basics of Price Forward Curves (PFCs)

  • Explore their purpose, their importance for traders, analysts and market participants

Introduction to the Markets

  • Overview of the various energy markets including gas, power, CO2, coal, and oil, and how they interrelate

  • Understanding the dynamics that influence price movements

Gas vs. Power vs. CO2/Coal/Oil

  • Differences and similarities between various energy markets

  • Understand the unique factors that drive prices in gas, power, CO2, coal, and oil markets, and how these differences impact the construction and interpretation of PFCs

Use Cases

  • Practical applications of PFCs in real-world scenarios

  • See how businesses leverage PFCs to navigate market uncertainties and capitalise on opportunities

Our Unique Selling Points

  • What sets Montel Risk apart in the market?

  • discuss our unique selling points, including our proprietary data, advanced analytics, and expert team, all designed to provide unparalleled market insights and support


  • Specific characteristics of our PFCs

  • Learn about the granularity, accuracy, and reliability of our data, and how it can enhance your market analysis and trading strategies


  • We will address frequently asked questions about PFCs, their usage, and our services

  • Clear up any uncertainties and providing you with the confidence to utilise PFCs effectively