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Battery storage in electricity markets

Are BESS a good addition for my projects and my business model?

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Battery storage systems are becoming increasingly popular in the energy market. However, looking at the frequency containment reserve (FCR) market is no longer sufficient for economic operation. The aim is to find additional revenue markets. A multi-market approach for maximising revenue requires comprehensive understanding and quantitative analysis of the relevant market segments. In this seminar, we will show you marketing options on the wholesale spot markets and the balancing markets (ancillary services). We will also explain the influence of marketing strategies on capacity utilisation and profitability.

What are your benefits?

After this training, you will be able to:

- Identify relevant markets for battery storage systems,

- Analyse the legal framework for the use of storage systems,

- Evaluate the revenue potentials in different markets.


Session 1: Overview of storage technologies

  • Brief overview of storage technologies

  • Parameters and characteristics of storage systems

  • Market development and monetary aspects

Session 2: Applications at a glance

  • Use of batteries in the electricity market (front-of-the-meter)

  • Use of batteries to optimise consumption (behind-the-meter)

  • Innovation tender: RE + battery = high market values?

Session 3: Legal framework conditions

  • Are storage systems producers, consumers or something completely different?

  • Charging electricity: grid utilisation fees, concession fee and levies

  • Favourable treatment of storage in energy law

Session 4: the new balancing energy market

  • Primary control power, secondary control power, minute reserve (volumes, price determination, deadlines)

  • Conditions and processes on the balancing markets

  • Analysis of the revenue potential in ancillary markets

Session 5: Spot markets in comparison

  • Recap: Day-ahead auction, intraday auction, continuous intraday trading

  • Recap: Factors influencing price formation on short-term markets

  • Analysis of revenue potential - quarter-hourly products as an opportunity for battery storage?

Session 6: Practical applications & outlook

  • Comparison of marketing strategies and revenues:

  • Balancing markets vs. spot markets

  • Prosumers with storage + PV: self-supply and residual load curve

  • Residual load profile

  • Outlook: Importance of batteries in the 2030 electricity market


Target group

  • Specialists and managers in the energy industry with interfaces to energy trading, purchasing or business development

  • Market actors planning investments in and financing projects in the energy market.

  • Employees from industrial companies with significant electricity consumption

Exemplary Use Case

You are already developing various energy supply projects or operating your own systems. You have heard that batteries are very profitable on the electricity market, but that it is a complex field.

You want to better understand and ultimately evaluate for your business whether it is worth entering this market, and how best to do it. For this, you need an overview of the various options - technological, regulatory and in terms of revenue generation.