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Decarbonising the UK: Challenges and Options for the Incoming Government

Webinar Overview

Join us for this insightful and timely webinar, delving into the energy challenges faced by the incoming UK government, as well as the strategies they might employ to decarbonise the nation's energy system. This event takes place in the wake of the recent election on 4 July, offering a fresh perspective on how new leadership can shape the future of the UK's energy landscape.

Key topics:

Meeting green targets: understand the specific green targets set by the UK and the pathways to achieving these ambitious goals. See the milestones already laid out and future steps required to ensure the UK meets its commitments.

Attracting investment: discover the strategies aimed at attracting investment in the UK's green energy sector. See how policy, incentives, and market stability all play a key role in fostering a positive investment environment.

Leading Europe to net-zero: learn how the UK can position itself as a leader in the European transition to net zero. This includes setting an example for other countries, sharing best practices, and fostering collaboration across borders.

Technological innovations: gain insights into the latest technological advancements helping decarbonisation. From renewable energy technologies to energy storage solutions, understand the innovations driving the future of clean energy.

Policy and regulation: examine the policy frameworks and regulatory measures needed to support decarbonisation efforts. Develop your understanding of the roles of government, industry, and communities in creating a robust policy environment.

Why attend?

Expert speakers: hear from leading experts in the field of energy, policy, and investment. Gain valuable knowledge and insights from those at the forefront of decarbonisation.

Interactive discussions: participate in interactive sessions that allow you to ask questions, share your views, and engage in meaningful discussions with other attendees and speakers.


Snjólfur Richard Sverrisson (Moderator)

Editor-in-Chief, Montel News

Phil Hewitt

Director, Montel Analytics

Johnny Gowdy

Director of the UK think tank Regen

Dhara Vyas

Energy UK, Deputy Chief Exec

Decarbonising the UK: Challenges and Options for the Incoming Government by Phil Hewitt


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