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Hydrogen PPAs in Germany and Europe

How do I optimise my power procurement for hydrogen electrolysis?

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Europe's efforts to achieve a climate-neutral economy are becoming increasingly concrete, while energy policy and companies are turning entire value chains upside down. Hydrogen and electricity are the two pillars of the decarbonization of energy supply and industry. Among other things, two particularly relevant new business areas are emerging: The supply of green electricity via power purchase agreements (PPAs) and the production of green hydrogen. Regulatory requirements have been set in Europe regarding the conditions under which electrolysis hydrogen is considered “renewable”. This seminar provides the necessary knowledge to optimize and implement the procurement of green electricity for electrolysers.

What are your benefits?

After this training, you will be able,

- classify different PPA prices and purchase structures,

- to apply current regulatory requirements to your project,

- develop a strategy for green electricity procurement for electrolysers and

- to derive the system for future hydrogen prices.

Agenda Hydrogen PPAs in Germany and Europe

Session 1: Overview of PPAs - markets, prices and processes

  • Pricing mechanism on the spot and futures market

  • PPAs at a glance: Types, volumes and market data

  • How to evaluate a wind and solar profile?

  • PPA structures: baseload, pay-as-produced, pay-as-nominated

Session 2: Regulatory framework for “green” hydrogen

  • EU regulation according to the Delegated Act for Renewable Fuels of Non-Biological Origin (RFNBO): When electrolysis hydrogen is considered „renewable“

  • System and value of guarantees of origin (GoO)

Session 3: Importance of regulation in various countries

  • Examples of electricity procurement in Germany: PPA, redispatch

  • Examples of electricity procurement in France, Scandinavia and Spain

  • Excursus on the EU ETS: potential for linking electricity procurement to CO2 prices

Session 4: On-site vs. off-site PPA: How do I optimise my overall electricity procurement costs?

  • Hydrogen generation costs as a function of full load hours

  • Case studies: Optimisation of green electricity procurement with on-site and off-site PPA solutions (PPA portfolio)

Session 5: Model of a hydrogen price index

  • Phases of market development for hydrogen in Europe

  • Explanation of the assumptions and model for Energy Brainpool’s hydrogen price index

  • Presentation of selected results of the hydrogen price index

Session 6: Optimisation between future vs. spot market - using the flexibility of an electrolyser correctly

  • The value of flexibility: an electrolyzer as a real option

  • Case studies of PPA procuremnet and spot market optimisation: operation at times of low hourly prices on the day-ahead market

  • Discussion and outlook: further omptimisation options on the short-term markets (including intraday and balancing energy market)


Target group

  • Operators or suppliers of electrolysers,

  • Specialists and managers from the energy industry with responsibility for products or business field development,

  • Employess in strategic management or purchasing in the industry and

  • Specialist consultants from interest groups

Exemplary Use Case

As a pioneer of the energy transition, you are already involved in initial projects for the production of green hydrogen using electrolysis and have gained relevant experience. In view of the current regulatory requirements, you are wondering how these are to be implemented in practice so that the hydrogen is considered “green” or “renewable”.

You are interested in how you can keep electricity procurement costs low and would like to use case studies to see what different solutions for electricity procurement mean for your project. But you also want to know what the market value of the hydrogen will be in the end so that you can check the economic viability of your projects.