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Nordic Balancing Markets – key trends

Special focus webinar: Join us on 29 April to hear about the key market developments and events that took place in the Nordic balancing markets over the past year.

Host Olav Vilnes is joined by Montel's Nordic market expert Priyanka Shinde, Jesper Wonsbek Buck, senior engineer at Energinet, and Tuomas Mattila, balancing markets expert at Fingrid.

The discussion will cover recent imbalance price spikes in the Nordics, and what role can variable renewable energy play in bailing out of such situations. There will also be emphasis on what type of changes can we expect in the Nordic balancing markets going forward.

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Jesper Wonsbek Buck

Senior Engineer, Energinet

Tuomas Mattila

Balancing Markets Expert, Fingrid

Priyanka Shinde

Nordic Market Expert, Montel Analytics

Olav Vilnes

Editor Nordics, Montel News