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Power plant strategy (DE) and Energy Sovereignty Bill (FR)

Free webinar: What electricity prices will the new power plant strategies in Germany and France bring?

In this free Energy Brainpool webinar, you will find out what impact the BMWK's new power plant strategy and the Energy Sovereignty Bill could have on future power prices in Germany and France. You will also learn how power prices are fundamentally modelled and how average power prices in Europe will develop up to 2060. Learn how you can assess risks even better using swarm modelling and P-value scenarios.

Target group
- Stakeholders involved in the financing and investment planning of projects in the energy market
- Employees from project development companies
- Specialists and managers in the energy industry

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What impact will the BMWK's new power plant strategy and the Energy Sovereignty Bill have on future power prices in Germany and France?

How are power prices fundamentally modelled?

Better risk assessment with swarm scenarios.

New EU Energy Outlook 2060: How will average power prices in Europe develop over the next 35 years?

Q & A: Your questions


Tobias Kurth

Managing Director, Energy Brainpool

Tobias Kurth studied Business Administration and Engineering (Dipl.) with a focus on environmental technology at Cologne University of Applied Sciences. He is Managing Director of Energy Brainpool GmbH & Co. KG in Berlin and has been active in the energy market for 20 years.

Transformation, collaboration and communication are his passions. As a business coach and agile facilitator, his focus has been on the transformation of the energy market from the very beginning. Among other things, he managed the Europe-wide sales of a medium-sized solar company for sustainable energy products in trade, industry and commerce.

At Energy Brainpool, Tobias Kurth advises companies on the development and optimisation of business models, organisational and team development and strategic issues. His field of activity also includes power price scenarios as a basis for investment and financing decisions, analyses, studies and training.