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The key role of gas in Italy’s energy future

Join us for free on 14 May as we give you the latest insights into the role of gas in Italy's energy future.

On the agenda:

- Supply/demand trends: examining both current and projected gas consumption patterns in Italy, alongside gas stock injections and flows from its main suppliers.

-The growing role of LNG: exploring the increasing importance of LNG in Italy’s energy mix, developments in infrastructure to facilitate this and understanding the drivers behind the rising demand for LNG imports.

 - Italy’s plans to become a gas hub for Europe: reviewing the government’s strategy for becoming a gas hub for the continent and its viability.

Your host, Enza Tedesco of Montel News, will be discussing all these issues and more with Michele Soldavini, energy consultant at Fedabo, Tobias Federico, managing director of Energy Brainpool and Davide Tabarelli, CEO of energy consultancy Nomisma Energia.

Join us free of charge, registration is now open!

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Enza Tedesco

Editor Italy, Montel News

Michele Soldavini

Energy Consultant, Fedabo

Tobias Federico

Managing Director, Energy Brainpool

Davide Tabarelli

CEO, Nomisma Energia