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Understanding Guarantees of Origin - the Corporate View

Register for our latest webinar, in which experts from Montel Marketplace and Capgemini Invent join forces to address the key issues facing corporate actors in Guarantee of Origin markets.

In 60 minutes we will cover:

- Fundamentals of Guarantees of Origin

- Guarantees of Origin markets, price and regulatory development

- Common challenges for corporate actors to be aware of

- Key considerations for a Guarantees of Origin target operating model

After the webinar you will have built a solid understanding of Guarantees of Origin in the corporate context. The practical approach of the speakers will provide you with tools that can be implemented to your corporate strategy.

This will enable you to function more efficiently in the ever-changing Guarantees of Origin landscape.

Registration is now open!

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Laura Malinen

Market Manager, Montel Marketplace

Laura Malinen is the Market Manager for Guarantees of Origin at the Montel Marketplace. She has extensive experience from working in leadership roles in close cooperation with Issuing Bodies, institutional actors and IT-actors within the Guarantees of Origin-sector, as well as from cooperating with market actors. Her role allows her to pull this experience together. Laura's passion is making the complex understandable and approachable. 

Maximilian Hübsch

Senior Manager, Energy Transition & Utilities, Capgemini Invent

Maximilian Hübsch, a Senior Manager at Capgemini Invent, has extensive expertise in Energy Trading and Green Sourcing strategies.

Under his leadership, his team has successfully executed numerous client projects, aiming to future-proof trading operations, strategies and improve their performance. Maximilian is dedicated to help clients to optimize their trading setups in business and technical terms. This ensures optimal positioning for impactful strategies and seamless operations.


Marc Mayer

Consultant, Energy Transition & Utilities, Capgemini Invent

Marc Mayer is a Consultant at Capgemini Invent, part of the Energy Transition & Utilities team.

With his experience in multiple fields of the energy transition he consults clients in business modeling, implementing innovation strategies, and IT transformation projects. Marc is passionate about helping energy and industry clients to optimize their position strategically and technically.

Manuela Jäger

Senior Consultant, Energy Transition & Utilities, Capgemini Invent

Manuela Jäger is a Senior Consultant in the Energy Transition & Utilities team at Capgemini Invent. She is engaged in projects with focus on Energy Trading. She combines expertise in end-to-end processes of renewable energy for corporates and utilities with deep experience in project management. This enables her to help clients to leverage their business models and achieve process excellence. Her aim is to consult clients to build a resilient and future oriented energy trading setup.