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Understanding the German power market

After three years away due to the Covid pandemic, we are now restarting our successful seminar series focusing on the most important aspects of the German electricity market.

Moderated by professor Konstantin Lenz, this seminar gives an overview about important aspects of the German power market and the energy transition, alongside discussions around current topic and recent developments. This year will mark the 17th edition of this popular seminar series which we first began back in 2011, helping more than 350 participants to become energy market experts in that time!

After the day's events, we also invite you to join a pleasant networking dinner with seminar participants in the evening.

This seminar is mainly aimed at participants who are familiar with the principles of electricity markets but do not yet have deeper knowledge of the German market specifically or who want an update of the developments of the German market.

If you wish to book your accommodation at the seminar venue, please contact Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf and their reservations department on +49 211 9134 2212 and make a booking using Montel Group as reference or quote the following reservation number: G-Q1YB.

Alternatively you may book your rooms directly on their homepage specifying the group code: G-Q1YB.

Understanding the German power market


Prologue: Current Gas and Power Market Situation in Germany

Characteristics of German power production and consumption

-  Production Statistics
-  Wind Energy
- Solar Energy
-  Characteristics and developments of German power consumption

German energy policy

- The “Energiewende”: targets and current status
- Implications of Ukraine War
- Coal decommissioning – Current state and outlook
- Renewable Energy Law and Tenderings
- Political targets for renewable energies and hydrogen
- Security of supply
- Medium and long-term Outlook

Power trading

- Market design
- Historic developments and characteristics
- Power trading in Germany
- Impact of growing renewable production on power prices
- Market integration of renewable energies
- Negative Prices
- Trading volumes

Electricity grid

- Scheduling
- Balancing Energy
- Challenges of the “Energiewende” for the grid
- Cross-border exchange


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Konstantin Lenz

Professor for energy economics at the University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt, Business Developer at Volue Insight

 Prof. Konstantin Lenz, has specialised in market modelling and analysis as well as in trading and hedging strategies for the German gas and power market. His main focus is the long-term development of the German power market.

He is professor for energy economics at the University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt. Prof. Lenz studied power and process engineering at the Berlin University of Technology and received a doctoral degree for his research work in the field of thermodynamics. He started in the liberalised energy markets working for Electrabel where he was responsible for price and product management mainly for industrial end-consumers. As head of the German analysis of the Norwegian Markedskraft group he built up the German operations and developed models and market analysis as product for external customers. Later on he took as director of portfolio management and trading at Kom-Solution care of gas and power portfolios of local utilities and industrial customers. Afterwards he worked as independent consultant on different projects in the German power market focussing on long-term analysis, risk management and trading. Together with Nasdaq Commodities he was responsible for the development of wind index futures for the German power market and their underlying index. Since 2018, he develops with Volue Insight products for long-term analysis.