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Energy Quantified provides forecasts of prices and fundamentals alongside curated datasets for all major European markets. Data that's ready for use, instantly comparable and fully coherent across different markets, so you can develop your existing business or expand further.

Complete datasets for the markets that matter to you

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Spot & exchange data

Covering all European spot markets. Includes price data and transfer & exchange capacities.

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  • Prices and price spreads
  • Exchange flows and transfer capacities
  • Market sensitivities
  • Ensemble price forecasts
  • +45 day spot forecast
  • All forecasts continuously updated
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Balancing markets

Balancing and regulatory market data from across Europe.

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  • Imbalance prices and volumes across Europe
  • Regulating prices and volumes
  • Live and historical reserve prices and volumes (IGCC, FCR, aFFR, mFFR, RR)
  • reBAP for Germany
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Market fundamentals

All market fundamentals for every European market, from residual consumption to production curves.

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  • Residual production and load
  • Consumption
  • Cross border exchanges
  • Solar photovoltaic
  • Onshore & offshore wind
  • Hydro
  • Nuclear
  • Gas
  • Coal
  • Lignite
  • CHP
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Futures, fuels & costs 

Closing prices for power, fuels and EUAs. Includes spreads and marginal cost calculations.

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  • Closing prices for power futures, EUAs and fuel markets
  • Dark and spark spreads
  • Exchange rate calculations
  • Short-run marginal cost data (SRMC)
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Historical, actual and forecasted storage data offered in partnership with the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI).

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  • Hydrological balance
  • Actuals, seasonal normals and forecasts
  • Reservoir filling
  • Inflow (reservoir and run-of-river)
  • Snow and groundwater levels
  • Precipitation energy and evaporation
  • Hydro production
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7 leading weather models, updated hourly. Offered in partnership with SMHI and designed to be easily integrated into price models.

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  • Variables from 7 different weather models, 24 updates daily 
  • Daily, monthly and seasonal written analysis from our meteorological expert
  • Detailed weather maps
  • Heating, cooling and chilling indices
  • River temperatures
  • Cloud cover
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REMIT data from multiple sources, collated and translated into price driving signals.

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  • Production, consumption and transmission outages 
  • REMIT outages converted to plug-and-play time series
  • Capacity time series and actual production for 1400+ power plants 
  • Stacked capacity time series for each fuel type per price area
  • River temperatures for nuclear and thermal production  
  • Net transfer capacity time series 
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Multiple delivery options

Energy Quantified integrates seamlessly with your business. Datasets are accessible via our web application or can be directly fed into your workstream.

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  • Web app for easy browsing
  • Downloadable data from charts and tables
  • Excel integration
  • Python client
  • API feed
  • Take advantage of our knowledge with personalised support
"The founders of Energy Quantified by Montel have built analysis models before, but this time they have torn up the rulebook."

Making data sourcing simpler

Everything in its right place

Energy Quantified is a one-stop shop for all your data needs, designed by energy data professionals. Our datasets are comparable and consistent, gathered from hundreds of sources and presented in one uniform format.

We do the hard work so you don't have to

High quality datasets are a prerequisite for market analysis and modelling. Naming, resolution and variable definitions are consistent throughout our database, so you can spend less time preparing your data and more time working with it. 

Transparent pricing

Pay only for what you need, without hidden add-ons. We offer a flat rate per country which gets you all the relevant data for that market. Adding users is simple, with a fixed fee per user.  

See how Energy Quantified can help your business

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Typical users

Energy Quantified is designed by power professionals for use by power professionals. Providing easy access high-quality quantitative resources for power markets.

Analysts | Traders | Power purchasers | Consultants | Researchers  

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About Energy Quantified

Energy Quantified was started in 2017 by three veterans of the power market, with two decades of experience in analytics and modelling. Our vision is to build a data-sourcing and forecasting service 'by power professionals, for power professionals'. We came to the Montel Group to build a service from the ground up.

In just a few short years, Energy Quantified has become as a recognised name amongst the many data service providers within the European energy sector. Our guiding principle of keeping our data clean, consistent and user friendly has helped us build a solid client base. We're now looking to expand our business across Europe, with the help of people who share our vision of simpler data sourcing and forecasting tools.

Contact EQ

Joakim Mathisen Guldahl

Energy Quantified

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+47 928 62 168

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Hugo Birkelund

CEO, Energy Quantified

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