Find partners, see prices, trade GOs

Montel Marketplace is the new community for trading Guarantees of Origin (GO). Meet buyers & sellers, agree your price and trade your GOs for free.


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Open to everyone

Trade Guarantees of Origin for free.

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  • Find and connect with new trading partners  
  • Business profiles make trading with new partners easy
  • Observe market movements with published price data
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Easy to use

Place bids, set offers and agree trades through our simple online interface. 

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  • Filter your view by technology type, region and more
  • Complete trades with E-signing
  • KYC made easy with instant email contact
  • Make counterbids/counteroffers on the platform
  • View all your company's trades
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Future functionality: added insights

More than just a trading platform. See the latest green market news and data.

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  • Renewable power supply data powered via Energy Quantified by Montel
  • Market headlines from Montel Online's dedicated green newsdesk
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Future functionality: tailored price alerts

Optimise your trading strategy with automatic notifications.

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  • Available via email or in your browser
  • Set based on price movements or specific thresholds

Typical users

Montel Marketplace is for anyone who holds an interest in Guarantees of Origin. Whether you're a power producer, end consumer, or just looking for price information, our platform provides a place for you to find what you need. 

About Montel Marketplace

Our platform was founded on one major principle – bringing price transparency to green markets. Before we launched, GO trades were conducted bilaterally, meaning nobody knew if they were achieving a fair price for their green certificates. By making it free to trade on our platform, everyone can see the current market prices and make informed trading decisions.

Updates and insights

Montel Marketplace: Making green markets more transparent

To celebrate the launch of Montel Marketplace, Marketplace Director, Minatore Zogaj explains why we've launched the platform, what the future outlook for Guarantees of Origin could be and why the time for more transparency in green markets is now.

Talk to us to find out more

Minatore Zogaj

Europe, Nordics

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+47 912 41 711

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