Energy Transition Weekly Story 2

Energy Transition Weekly

Decarbonisation matters.

Get the biggest net-zero news stories from our dedicated environmental news desk every Friday.

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Energy Transition Weekly Story 10

The energy transition explained

ETW is the only publication you need to keep up-to-date with the latest changes in environmental markets.

It brings together the week's biggest stories across:

  • Carbon markets

  • Power purchase agreements

  • GO prices

  • Energy policy announcements

  • Green investment decisions

  • Technological developments

Energy Transition Weekly Story 5

Who needs to know about net-zero?

ETW provides crucial information for those working in Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental & Sustainable Governance, or energy related roles, including:

  • Sustainability Managers

  • ESG Managers

  • Investment Analysts

  • Lawyers

  • Renewable Generation Developers

  • Energy Managers

  • Energy Consultants

  • Supply Chain Managers

  • Procurement Managers

Montel News Team

Why choose ETW?

Montel has over 30 years experience of reporting in energy markets meaning we can provide trusted publications:

  • Edited by our dedicated green news desk following the environmental markets

  • Offering a curated selection of news stories to give you everything you need in one publication

  • Sent to your inbox via email every Friday afternoon

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