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Edition 4: 2023 Final Edition

In the last ever issue, the magazine takes a look back at the key market developments over the past 25 years, the ups and downs of deregulation, a so-called nuclear renaissance and also looks forward to 2050. All our feature pieces, analysis and long reads will be available on Montel News from 2024 onwards.

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Edition 3: 2023

Offshore wind – all at sea?

Northern Europe has breezy conditions but plans to boost offshore wind face obstacles due to rising costs, high inflation, and supply chain bottlenecks.

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Edition 2: 2023

Danish boomtime

The second edition of Montel Magazine 2023 explores how Denmark’s energy firms can expect to face increased scrutiny amid soaring profits, unprecedented allegations of market manipulation and a row over bonuses.

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Edition 1: 2023

Sanctions busting?

2023's first edition of Montel Magazine explores how European buyers may be unwittingly importing embargoed Russian biomass pellets, the ways in which the energy crisis is threatening the viability of German heavy industry and reaction to the news that Denmark has paused the development of offshore wind projects.

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