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Energy market news from around the globe

Europe's only news service dedicated solely to energy market reporting.

Combining independent and accurate reporting with real-time market data, Montel News delivers what you need to know, before you know you need it.

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Montel News explained

Since 1997, Montel News has been investigating and publishing news from European energy markets.

Our real-time reporting is supported by data-driven insights and analysis, helping to break down the ways in which major events, energy industry policy and regulation changes affect businesses.

Use the Montel Online platform to customise your pages and create your own newsletters, making it easy to follow the countries, markets and commodities relevant to you.

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Montel News Geographical Coverage

Our energy market coverage

We report commodity news from across Europe in English, with local stories written in local languages.

More than 40 journalists, based in 10 newsrooms from Madrid to Ljubljana, constantly update the news feed with breaking stories - available in Norwegian, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Slovene and Turkish.

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Who uses Montel News?

Montel News is the leading information service for energy professionals all along the value chain.

Whether you are a trader, analyst, energy manager, investor, or just need to know what is happening to mitigate your business energy costs, Montel News provides the information you need.

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