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E-world review: a look back at the #Happystand 2022

July 4th, 2022

After the return of E-world in 2022, we wrap up what went on during our favourite event of the year for those who missed out, or just want to re-live some of the fun!

What a week!

After two years away during the pandemic, we were so excited to be back in Essen with you all. We had our biggest stand ever this year, hosted by more than 150 people when you count up all the Montellos as well as our co-exhibitors.

Read on to see some of our highlights from 2022:

Day 1:

Tuesday started with a flourish and even exceeded our own expectations with so many of you coming back to see us again. One of our most familiar faces, Morten Hegna, took up his traditional position with microphone in hand as we began the quiz. Per Arne proved a deserved winner, of the Apple watch, having answered every single question correctly! Following that, we then drew the lucky winner of this year's champagne lottery, with Carlos taking home 3 bottles, so make sure you bring your business cards next time to be in with a chance.

Day 2:

We continued the fun into Wednesday with a live recording of the Montel weekly podcast at E-world. Joined by Wayne Bryan from Refinitiv, our regular host, Richard Sverisson discussed the on-coming potential winter gas squeeze and just why the outlook for the end of 2022 looks increasingly concerning in this particular market.

E-world 2022 was such a great experience, to see all of the smiles and the happy faces of our guests and staff is a reminder of why we love this event...

I have however observed one problem that we must improve on for next year - we need a bigger bar!

Tom Nyblin, CEO, Montel

Day 3:

Our third and final day saw plenty of demonstrations for our new product Montel Marketplace. Championed by Mina and Guro, many of you came to see how you can use our new platform which allows you trade your Guarantees of Origin for free! Since we launched in March, we have already had more than 100 companies sign up and traded more than 300,000 GWh of GOs. So, if you trade these certificates, come and help create a more open and transparent marketplace.

This year's E-world was nothing short an amazing experience for all of us, so we hope you enjoyed having fun with us too! Whilst those three days may have taken a lot of work and preparation, we also enjoyed the after-hours, sharing great company, food, music and of course the occasional drink.

The E-world community has to be one of the greatest in the expo world, and we are all looking forward to the next year’s event. Whether you came and saw us this time or were not lucky enough to get the opportunity, you can be sure we can’t wait to welcome you again in 2023.

For anything you may have missed, or to understand all of the different services we offer across the Montel Group, download this year’s E-world brochure for a more in-depth explanation.