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Previewing Montel's green week 2022: our guest speakers

April 27th, 2022

Ahead of our green week series of webinars taking place from 9-12 May, we sat down with the guest presenters who will be sharing their knowledge with us to understand more about each of their sessions and what you can expect to find out during the course of the week.

Monday 9 May

The green transition – slowing down or
speeding up amid the energy crisis?

Hans Koenig, Aurora Energy research

Monday's afternoon webinar will see Hans Koenig, Head of Commissioned Projects for Central Europe at Aurora Energy Research take a look at how the current state of European geopolitics, rising prices and changing demands from energy consumers are affecting the race to decarbonise the energy sector.

Tuesday 10 May

PPAs – Towards the end of long-term deals?

Frederick Bodecker, Bodecker Partners

CEO at Bodecker Partners, Frederick Bodecker joins our very own Morten Hegna who jumps into the hosting hotseat for Wednesday's opening session. They will also be joined by Mikkel Kring, Partner at Our New Energy and Thekla von Bülow, Principal Commissioned Project at Aurora Energy Research to discuss the changing face of Power Purchase Agreements and what they might look in the time to come.

Rules for the green transition – EU policy updates

Marion Labatut, EDF

Joined by Montel News reporter Siobhan Hall, Marion Labatut, EDF's Deputy Director for European Affairs, Head of the Brussels office Marion Labatut will be outlining and discussing the most recent developments in EU decarbonisation policy, rounded off with a panel discussion on the merits of current legislation and future suggestions.

Wednesday 11 May

Trading GOs: Today and in the future –
Nordics and Europe

Delphine Strunski, EPEX SPOT

Day 3 of green week begins with a look at the state of renewables trading across Nordic and European energy markets as businesses across the continent come under increasing pressure to prove their climate credentials. Delphine Strunski, Senior Business Developer at EPEX SPOT will be joined by Julien Cossé, Director Strategy, Business Development and Integration, Nord Pool as well as Director of Montel Marketplace, Minatore Zogaj to understand current prices and how regulatory changes could impact the future of renewable certificates.

Hydrogen – Overhyped or panacea?

Catherine Gras, Storengy UK & Germany

Our penultimate day ends with Andreas Lochner, Montel News' Editor for Germany moderating our hydrogen session. Discussing both challenges and potential uses for the fuel, he will be joined by Catherine Gras, CEO at Storengy UK & Germany as well as Heine Rønningen, SVP Power Trading at GEN2 Energy.

Thursday 12 May

Carbon talk

Bernadett Papp, Vertis

Our final day of webinars starts with our carbon talk, featuring Ingvild Sørhus, Lead EU Carbon Analyst at Refinitiv,
Marcus Ferdinand, Head of Analysis at Greenfact
and Bernadett Papp, Head of Research and Analysis at Vertis. Taking a look at the major factors affecting carbon markets, our expert group will be considering where prices go from here.

Offshore bidding zones – where, why and how?

Green week draws to a close in our final session moderated by our hosts for the week, Morten Hegna & Snjolfur Richard Sverrisson. Joined by (Insert name and job title), the panel will discuss the EU plans for creating new bidding zones for hybrid offshore energy projects and what is required from both state and private sector parties to make them work.

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