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Power plant by river

Written by: 

Tanja Srnovršnik and Simon White

July 26th, 2021

Editor-in-Chief at Montel Energetika.NET, Tanja Srnovršnik explains how subscribers gain value from the platform’s energy news updates in the Balkan region, with a little help from some of our readers!

Energetika.NET has been around for 19 years now, beginning as a news portal established by an energy management company. Since then, we’ve developed and grown to cover more than just supply side energy concerns, but we certainly haven’t forgotten our roots!

We’ve been continually expanding our areas of focus since 2002, meaning that we cover both Slovenian national news and international developments affecting the Balkans. Energetika.NET delivers news in the local language from our base in Ljubljana, whilst Energetika.SEE has news from the surrounding area in the common European language – English. Just last week for example, we reported on the decision for Slovenia to add a new unit to it’s existing nuclear plant in Krško.

Relevant, up-to-date and independent information is crucial in our world of constant change. As a corporate communicator I need various high-quality sources of information and Energetika.NET provides great regional as well as international insights into the world of energy that I need for my work.

Polona Wallas, Siemens Slovenija

Key to our reporting is of course our ability to remain independent and free of bias. By maintaining these standards for so long, we’ve been able to build up our network of contacts, ensuring that we get breaking news from reliable sources – reinforcing our reputation.

As a marketing manager at Petrol responsible for marketing Petrol’s comprehensive energy solutions, I need daily access to relevant information on recent developments and trends in the energy market. With its reliable and up-to-date news and other content, Energetika.NET is a very useful – if not indispensable – source of information and knowledge, and a key aid in my professional life.

Damjan Šinigoj, Petrol d. d.

And so to the future. Having created such credibility, we're now looking for new and exciting ways to keep bringing useful and up to date content to our audience. One of the key steps here has been the introduction of video content and interviews with key industry figures, like our Energy debate with Blaž Košorok, Slovenia's State Secretary at the Ministry of Infrastructure, and Christian Zinglersen, director of the European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER)

Energetika.NET provides information that is indispensable for my work in EU project management and as an energy manager for local communities. It offers a wide range of local and international content including – as of this year – video. I’m particularly interested in expert commentaries, which provide further insights into current issues from different angles.

Črtomir Kurnik, Local Energy Agency Gorenjske (LEAG)