Previewing Montel's Green Week 2021, 18th - 21st October

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Philip Bloomfield
Content Writer

October 13th, 2021

PPAs, GOs, consumer flexibility, Fit For 55, net zero... They're all on the programme for discussion during four days of free-to-attend webinars at Montel Green Week 2021. We take a look at the program for our annual event, which will run next week from Monday 18th - Thursday 21st October.

The pace of the climate change discussion seems to have increased exponentially during 2021, even as the world grapples with the aftermath of the pandemic and ensuing economic crisis. Whilst it’s extremely premature to describe this year as a watershed moment, there’s a sense of urgency that’s rarely been felt before, especially within the energy sector. It’s notable that even as we experience volatile prices throughout Europe, there’s little talk of turning back to fossil fuels. If anything, the supply squeeze seems to have strengthened the desire to reduce dependency on coal and gas.  

"The current 'energy crisis' has laid bare the danger of dependency on imported fossil fuels,” agrees Montel Editor-in-Chief Snjólfur Richard Sverrisson. “Why not listen to discussions on the renewable alternatives during Montel’s Green Week?” 

With the support of our sponsors Axpo, Brady, Nasdaq, NODES and Nordpool Group, we’ve prepared a free program of online events looking in depth at decarbonisation efforts across the sector. 

Each day features 2-3 short webinars which each tackle a key topic related to the energy transition, offering insights into current trends, new ideas and emerging markets.  

You can find the full program and sign up for free on our events page.  

A European solution to a global problem 

Europe has staked its future on being a world leader in decarbonisation - it is now at the heart of the European project.

Europe has long sought to be a world leader in terms of tackling climate change, and its latest statement of intent came this summer with the EU Commission’s Fit For 55 Package.  

One of the first Green Week webinars will focus on how the package will set the stage for more changes to the sector over the coming years. On Monday afternoon join speakers from across the sector in a debate moderated by Snjólfur Richard Sverrisson as they discuss what the legislation means for the future of markets, technologies and investment. 

Pricing the transition 

Higher decarbonisation targets and the massive increases in renewable generation raise the question whether power prices will collapse in a net zero power market.

Prices are a hot topic at present, for obvious reasons On Tuesday afternoon, we’ll look at the current price shock that’s affecting Europe with Tobias Federico, Managing Director of leading energy analysis consultancy Energy Brainpool. He'll answer the question on everyone's lips: are these high prices going to speed up or slow down the transition?

Following that, on Thursday morning, Manuel Köhler of Aurora Energy Research will ask whether a move to net zero emissions, with 100% renewable generation, will lead to prices at zero as marginal costs collapse. Spoiler: not exactly, but we’ll leave it to Manuel to explain exactly why this scenario shouldn’t be taken seriously. 

Old issues, new fixes 

Both industry and private households can save a lot of energy if we all make use of better systems.

We’ll also put the spotlight on new new ways of thinking about consumption, and how this could fundamentally alter the structure of energy markets.

“Electricity can be used more efficiently, both to optimise the capacity in local grids and so end-users can reduce their costs and carbon footprint.”” says Montel’s Morten Hegna, who will chair our Thursday afternoon discussion ‘Consumer flexibility – end user consumption optimisation for the future’. The panel discussion will feature four companies working to digitalise energy markets and engage with end consumers, including Montel’s Bright.  

Before that, on Wednesday morning, we'll take a look at the EnergyTag initiative, which will be presented by its founder Toby Ferenczi. EnergyTag wants to introduce an hourly market for energy certification (such as Guarantees of Origin) which would enable more precise tracking of carbon consumption within energy networks at any given time. This is seen by many as a prerequisite for ensuring better demand-side responses.  

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And plenty more...

We'll also have presentations on GOs and PPAs, the carbon market and a Montel market overview. It's the perfect week to brush up on your knowledge of the green energy sector, or to acquaint yourself with something new.