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Product release: new Price Forward Curve for Portugal

June 12th, 2024

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest Price Forward Curve (PFC) specifically designed for the Portuguese energy market.  

Understanding Price Forward Curves 

A PFC represents the future prices of energy commodities over a specified period. It is constructed using current market data, historical trends, and advanced modelling techniques to project future market conditions. These curves can be used when managing risk, budgeting, and optimising trading strategies in the energy market. 

Montel Risk primarily offers Power Forward Curves PFCs for the European market, sourcing data from the region's leading electricity exchanges. For example, we use the European Energy Exchange (EEX) for our German curves and the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) for the English curves, among others. For our newest PFC covering the Portuguese market, we source our data from the OMIP (Iberian Energy Derivatives Exchange), which is the primary exchange for electricity trading in Portugal. 

Price Forward Curve Portugal until 2035:

The Energy Profile of Portugal 

Portugal has a dynamic and evolving energy profile, characterised by a strong commitment to renewable energy sources. The country has made significant strides in integrating wind, solar, and hydro power into its energy mix, reducing its dependency on fossil fuels. With ambitious goals for carbon neutrality by 2050, Portugal continues to invest in sustainable energy infrastructure, making it a vibrant market for energy trading and investment. 

Our new Price Forward Curve for Portugal captures the unique aspects of this market, offering a reliable and comprehensive tool to navigate the complexities of the Portuguese energy landscape. Whether you are involved in generation, trading, or consumption, our PFC is a trusted tool to help you optimise your energy strategies and achieve your business objectives. 

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