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Reliability, liquidity and optionality: Why Pact Capital use Montel Marketplace

July 28th, 2023

Robert Lindfors, Trader at Pact Capital explains how Montel Marketplace plays a key role in helping his business to decarbonise their client's operations.

How is Montel Marketplace useful for your business?

Our business is divided into two segments. Firstly, we act as project developers, so we own and operate projects around the world - for example, wind parks or bio-gas plants. And this really can be anywhere, from Turkey, to Mexico, to Pakistan.

And then on the other side, we are doing the trading lots of different products within environmental commodities. This can include carbon credits, guarantees of origin and more.

How does it help you trade Guarantees of Origin?

The market up until now has been quite difficult to trade in. It has not been transparent, or very liquid, but with the help of Marketplace it's definitely  growing and moving in the right direction.

What marketplace does specifically is adds that transparency. Before, trades were just done between two parties, so there was no real information on how much you should pay for a certain trade. And because this is such useful information which is now available on Marketplace, more people are joining, which brings more liquidity to the market.

Because there's a lot of counterparties active on the on the marketplace, everyone is trading different technologies. This is important for us as GO traders as it offers us a lot of flexibility in terms of both volumes and technologies.


Would you recommend Montel Marketplace?

Honestly, any company looking to decarbonize their operations (especially on the electricity side of things) should be active on the platform. It’s easy to use, wind, hydro, solar, biomass and nuclear GOs can all be traded there, and the bigger it grows, the more trading opportunities there are. So, yes I would certainly recommend it!

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