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Montel Price it team

Written by: 

Marc Hasenbeck
Founder, price[it]

July 20th, 2022

To celebrate the launch of Montel Price it's new webpage on, business founder, Marc Hasenbeck tells us why this is now the main place to find out about their products and the advantages of being part of the Montel Group.

More than 4 years ago, a mutual customer of Montel and Price[it] helped to establish a connection between our two businesses. At the time, price[it] was on the search for a reliable supplier of extensive raw energy market data, whilst Montel was looking for suppliers of products that could supplement its own portfolio of refined data products.

After a series of meetings, between our home in Halle and Montel HQ in Oslo, the partnership was agreed. Ever since, our working relationship has helped price [it] focus on our core business areas, using Montel's infrastructure as a perfect complement in areas such as sales and networking.

Now we have taken the next step and chosen to integrate our website with Montel Group, becoming Montel Price it in the process. By creating this new page, we have made it easy for anyone to understand and navigate through our portfolio of risk management products.

Breaking it down into sections, we offer 3 main groups of products:

Premium data services:

Our premium data services include 3 main products.

Firstly, Price Forward Curves (PFCs) which split futures prices out into different granularities. This means users can assess values for bids and asks within very short time frames, making it easier to buy or sell your commodity at the right time.

Secondly, our high-quality forecasts for European spot markets use advanced seasonality pattern analysis and continuous data quality assurance to ensure accuracy. You can also choose from 1-3, 1-7 or 1-14 day ahead forecasts for both the day ahead market and the quarterly ID15 auction.

And finally, our Simulations enable users to manage price risks reliably and consistently. We do this by running multiple scenarios to find the price of commodities at defined points along a time curve.

Simulations can also be used for state-of-the-art pricing of flexibility - enabling portfolio managers to accurately manage generation assets able to alter their production levels.

Software solutions:

Whilst we offer PFCs for most power markets across Europe, we understand that some of users want to use the theory of our product to assess different markets too. This is why we provide our Curve 2 software solution, which allows you to build your own PFCs. Set your parameters, input your market data and we will support you with our expertise to help set up whatever it is you need to make better risk management decisions.

Similarly, Price[sim] allows you to create your own simulations for the markets you need, should you require a more specific version of one of our off-the-shelf simulation products.

Our software offering is rounded off with Shape 2, a program which helps you to create your own valuations and risk analysis for offers & exposures.


Our final category relates to valuations for storage and flexibility. This provides modelling for power plants and other complex financial derivatives. Users with this package are able to understand fair value for their asset, how to manage their flexibility and manage hedging strategies.

If all this seems confusing, don't worry! Existing users can still log in to my Price it via the usual page here