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Market Transparency: why Nvalue trade GOs on Montel Marketplace

July 18th, 2023

Leonardo Garofoli, Trader at Nvalue explains why his business, a provider of climate solutions for corporates across Europe uses Montel Marketplace to buy and sell Guarantees of Origin.

Why did you first become interested in Montel Marketplace?

Nvalue is a renewable energy supplier and we have been active in the environmental commodities market since 2008. We provide climate solution to our clients so, we define ourselves almost like wholesalers of EACs - Energy Attribute Certificates.

We work with energy producers all around Europe, as well as offering our own utilities services, we are an energy supplier and we also work with corporates to help them reach their green targets.

How do you help your clients?

We use our network of markets and traders, to provide whatever climate solution our clients require.

This can relate to a lot of different markets, such as guarantees of origin, biomethane, and carbon offsets. What we do is provide them with the entire spectrum of energy certificates so they can find what they need.

How did you first hear about Marketplace?

 Of course I know Montel because you are pretty famous in the energy industry.It was one of your Marketplace experts, Joakim who approached me at E-world 2022 E-world, in Essen.

We had our first meeting in person and then we started the cooperation with Montel quickly, because for us it's super useful to have a platform which is liquid, transparent and - more than everything - reliable when it comes to trading Guarantees of Origin.

If I find a marketplace on which I can rely, I have no problem trading there, providing liquidity, because I know that there will not be any problem. And the counterparties that I found on the marketplace are good counterparties.

What is the biggest benefit you have found from using Marketplace?

Its good because it brings transparency to the market. When I started in 2018, I remember that the market was way more untransparent, deals were done bilaterally so it was really hard to find a reference price for GOs. It's good to have Marketplace showing the actual prices of the different GOs so everyone in the market knows where they stand.

But for me, personally, the best thing is that I get a lot of support from the Marketplace experts. So whenever there is something to discuss about a potential deal or potential trader that is looking to make something happen, you guys are always available.

Your end-of-day price reports are also super useful just for assessing the closing price on the day.

How do you use the platform?

It’s pretty user-friendly, and there is nothing complicated. It only takes between 30 seconds to place your interest - which, when trading can get as hectic as it can for us - its really important to have something super handy that we can use to get the job done.

Would you recommend Marketplace to others?

My experience with you guys is super positive. As a market, we are always talking about the money and deal, but still the human relationship is very important in this kind of environment. So when you have people that you know you can trust, it is always easier to do business for everybody.

The expertise you have in house - Joakim, Minatore, Zeki, Laura, all of them are always available to fix anything or propose opportunities. This is also very important - to have someone showing you interest that you don't already know about.

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