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Guarantees of Origin prices

Benchmark Guarantees of Origin and El-certs.


Track End of Day prices for Guarantees of Origin traded on Montel Marketplace, alongside El-certs for Sweden and Norway.

Renewable certificates prices

See the price of renewable certificates from a range of following sources:

End-of-Day prices for anytech, hydro and wind from Montel Marketplace.

Spot and futures prices from Cleanworld, Nasdaq and GPH.

Build your market view:

Customise your dashboard to include relevant contracts alongside environmental market prices, including carbon, power, clean spreads and more.

Delivery methods

View everything in our dedicated platform to build custom views and access advanced charting tools.

Montel's Excel integration plugin automatically streams live and historical data directly into your Microsoft Excel sheet, giving you the choice between live prices, historical open/high/low/close, trade history, spot data and fundamental data.

See energy price data updated in real-time where you need it most.

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