Coal Overview

Coal market prices

Stay on top of the coal commodity price with a subscription to Montel Market Data. Price driving fundamentals also help you see where markets are set to move as part of the same package.

View everything on the Montel Online platform, or have live prices fed in to your systems and spreadsheets via our API and Excel feeder solutions.

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Coal overview

Coal futures prices

Coal price futures from the ICE, ICAP and GFI exchanges, as well as historical coal market data.

Follow the API2, API4, API8 and Newcastle contracts
with Montel Market Data.

Coal fundamental data

Coal stocks data

See live data for Baltic dry indices, ARA coal stocks and Asia Pacific coal stocks. Use the map view to see information for major importing and exporting countries, including:

  • Total imports

  • Total exports

  • Stock levels

  • Supply split by country

  • Total consumption

  • Average weekly spot prices

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