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Price Forward Curves

See energy futures prices on a more granular level, allowing you to assess true values and improve your trading decisions.


See the cost of imbalance across European energy markets including:

Available in hourly of quarter-hourly resolution for more than 20 European countries.

Available in daily resolution for TTF, NBP, THE, GPL, PEG, CEGH, CZ & ZTP.

Available in daily resolution for EUAs.

Available in daily resolution for ARA.

Specific to the German and Dutch markets, these reflect prices based on estimated renewables expansion or show prices based on the current level of renewable growth.

Hourly Price Forward Curves with individual delivery times and price strategies available for special markets.

Value your position

PFCs deliver mark-to-market valuations, showing you your asset or portfolio value at current prices.

Optimise your flexibility

Use the price information you obtain from PFCs to decide the best times to sell electricity generated by your power plant, or optimise your storage asset.

Benchmark prices

Energy procurement professionals also use PFCs to gain new levels of market transparency. A more detailed view of market prices helps you assess fair value for wholesale power and strengthen your position when negotiating supply contracts.

Delivery methods

High-quality PFCs provided as a data service. Subscribe to have PFCs covering any cross-commodity portfolio at your disposal at any time using just a log-in. 

If you're a Montel Online subscriber, you can also receive the data in the application, via an API or an Excel integration feed.

Log in to the Price it platform and get the data in your own personal space.

Data sent to you directly via our Secure File Transfer Protocol provider.

Make things easy with data sent to as many email addresses as you like.

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Maik Bräuer

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