Energy Trading Risk Management

Applying knowledge from financial mathematics, we help you with hedging energy risk and maximising your profitability in energy markets with our ETRM tools, provided by Montel Price it.

Price it first became part of the Montel group in 2017, providing Price Forward Curves, Simulations and Asset Optimisation services. In 2023, the business became wholly owned by Montel and transformed into Montel's Risk management service.

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Energy Trading and Risk Management Systems

Price Forward Curves

Futures commodity prices extrapolated into quarterly, hourly, daily and monthly delivery series.

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Price Simulations

Run thousands of different scenarios to price your energy flexibility and achieve maximum value.

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Curve 2: PFC builder

Use our software to create your own Price Forward Curves.

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Shape 2: Schedule risk management

Use our software to create bespoke solutions for reliable schedule risk management.

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Commodity price simulations tailored to your needs and data sets.

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Storage and Flexibility Valuations

Custom financial services to optimise your physical or financial asset operations.

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PPA Valuations

Inform investment decisions or back-test existing wind and PV contracts.

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  • Price Forward Curve
  • Price simulations
  • PFC Builder
  • Schedule risk management
  • price{SIM]
  • Valuation results
  • PPA Valuaitons

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