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Artificial Intelligence modelling

Leverage AI and machine learning technologies to optimise your activities in the energy sector


Save time and focus your attention where it is needed with AI modelling support. Our dedicated team have already built accurate models for spot market and renewable production forecasting, so let us see how we can apply our knowledge to your particular challenges.

Model building

Many energy traders and portfolio managers are already taking algorithmic approaches to their daily activities. Talk to us about the ways in which our models and expertise could help create systems which automatically make optimal trading solutions.

Results analysis

We frequently run and publish reports containing the accuracy figures from our own AI models. See the Mean Average Error and set up regular feedback to ensure you are happy with the results of our AI solutions.

Development support

We have a broad knowledge of various programming languages, so we can help build the model you need. Simply tell us your requirements, provide us with historical data and we will continually look to find ways to improve the results obtained via machine learning methods.

See how we can help you

Let us know your specific needs so we can suggest the right products to minimise risk and maximise your profits.