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Energy policy studies

The data and modelling you need to prove your energy policy ideas


Policy makers face a challenge in trying to balance decarbonisation, security of supply and the cost of energy. Our policy studies explain how the market really works and give you the data to prove or challenge various hypothesis and proposals.

Study examples

Over many years we have provided many policy studies for national governments and other actors seeking to influence future policy. Examples of topics covered include: the phase-out of coal power, the impact of renewable expansion and the future of hydrogen.

Study methods

Our policy studies are created via a collaborative process. Approach. Alongside our own data and modelling, we bring together different stakeholders of relevant communities of interest in a series of workshops. This provides the necessary knowledge and chance for discussion to allow us to identify agreeable assumptions to underpin the studies.

Study results

We bring together all of the information in a clear and understandable way, explaining the headline with well-researched, independent evidence. Once we have the agreed positions, we can also then help you publish the information via press networks and our energy market connections.

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