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Energy management consulting

Leverage our knowledge to help set up the infrastructure you need to start trading


Implement all the tools you need and meet all of the regulatory requirements to begin trading in new markets.

Our expert team have more the 200 years of combined experience, so you can trust us to help you get set-up.


Different energy markets have different access rules and demands to meet before you can become a trading party. We not only have the knowledge required, but can also help you with the physical implementation of the processes required to access your market of choice.

IT structures

Regulations are one thing, but making your business operational is quite another. With entire careers spent in this space, we can guide you through the technical solutions needed to interact with Transmission System Operators and other relevant parties in the market.

Organisation and Education

If you are entering energy markets for the first time, understanding the complexity of your environment and setting up your business to manage the challenges can be hard. We have seen a range of approaches over our time in the sector, so let us help you optimise your organisation.

GB SaaS Solution

Use our Software as a Service solution to begin trading your >100MW asset within 3 weeks:

All new Balance and Settlement Code (BSC) Parties and Party Agents have to communicate with BSC Central Systems. Use our service alongside our fully managed SaaS offering which interfaces with Elexon and processes your CVA flows.

The Central System Interface (CSI) allows you to track your contract and credit position in real time, gain access to metering and settlement data, receive alerts and have information available in XML flows for integration. With alerts to your email and Microsoft Teams, you are always aware of your credit position and contract position with Elexon for peace of mind. CDCA and SAA data tracking also allows you to ensure your metering is accurate and your imbalance payments are under control.

Use oursolution to connect to National Grid, enabling you to notify your PNs, MELs, MILs, and Bid/Offer Pair Data via EDT. Get your instructions via EDL to control your plant.

We can even build a system to dispatch the plant automatically that connects to and monitors your assets to give you full control.

We help you connect to National Grid and submit plant level data at 1 second resolution, providing an operational metering stream to the system operator. Our solution gives you full visibility of your physical position, whilst it also plugs into the National Grid metering concentrators to give the control room full visibility on the live state of your plant.

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