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Fundamental market modelling

Calculate revenue streams for your project with market and revenue modelling.


Information from our energy trading data platform support this service, providing you with the information you need to create reliable and bankable projections for asset valuation in all power markets.

Price duration model

This model uses historic data to create relationships between the fuel mix (specifically fossil fuel utilisation) as well as prices in both wholesale markets and ancillary services to develop the relationship between the level of production and the ratio of day-ahead prices to commodity prices.

Fuel mix model

This model uses future commodity prices and capacity scenarios, alongside the relationship between marginal costs of generation and historic generation profiles of (individual) power plants to forecast the forward fuel mix, capacity installed and forward prices in both ancillary services and wholesale markets.

Our models, your revenue projections

The outputs derived from these two models are then combined to produce a forward fuel mix, forward wholesale price view and forward prices for ancillary services.

Feed these results into your financial models to determine the revenue potential for your power project.

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